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The Lunch Room

The Lunch Room

diner & Canteen


The Lunch Room is a vegan restaurant serving lunch, dinner, & brunch. All bread is baked in house as well as cookies, pastries and donuts. The menu is gluten free friendly and made with fruits and veggies a few steps away from the Farmers Market.

The mission of The Lunch Room is to prepare high-quality, nutritious vegan food, and to demonstrate the breadth and versatility of plant-based whole foods. The Lunch Room, when possible, uses local and organic produce, makes everything from scratch from fine ingredients, and emphasizes environmental sustainability.

The Lunch Room serves beer, wine and mixed drinks.

Space design and interior photos provided by SYNECDOCHE.



Monday – Saturday
11 a.m. – 9 p.m

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·  734.224.8859



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